Unmatched lamination and coating customizability

We meet your specific requirements.

We Add Value to the Solution You Demand

With our unmatched equipment, including a 160” wide lamination line, 80” wide coating line, and 100’ oven, we can meet specific demands and requirements for your specific industry. This allows us to customize the coating properties and deliver various application weights with controlled oven temperatures to ensure optimal performance of the applied coatings.


• 160” wide line
• Apply pressure sensitive polyamide, polyester, amorphous polyolefin, nonskid, metallocene, and EVA adhesive
• Bond fabric to film, fabric to fabric, fabric to polyolefin, fabric to woven PVC, and any other rolled, flexible substrate that does not contain plasticizer
• Process substrates from 20 milliliters to 7 inches thick.
• Provide spray zone capabilities, pattern optimization, and chilled nip roller


• 80” wide line
• 100’ oven with four zone temperature-controlled precision
• Compound with UV, FR, and antimicrobial properties
• Apply acrylic-based adhesives with nontransferable repositionable properties
• Provide single- or double-sided applications

Trust Us for Your Expertly-Crafted Fabric Solutions

Our experienced team has the resources and capabilities to make prototypes. With our thorough and proven process, we have the ability to manufacture the same product from concept to commercialization and deliver consistent, dependable solutions.

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